Tools by Operating System

Take full advantage of Intel® processors and accelerators, deliver top application performance while minimizing development, tuning, and validation time and effort. Download the latest tool suites including compilers, libraries, and analysis tools for shared memory and distributed memory applications. Optimize games, media, graphics, and more. Integrate context-aware experiences using specialty tools and SDKs.

Tools by OS


Intel provides the development tools Linux developers need to deliver winning performance.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Develop high-performance, scalable, and reliable software for high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise, and cloud solutions. This comprehensive tool suite simplifies the creation and modernization of code with the latest techniques in vectorization, multithreading, multinode, and memory optimization. Includes industry-leading compilers, numerical libraries, performance profilers, and code analyzers.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

The premier performance profiler for C, C++, C#, Fortran, Assembly, and Java*. Get profiling data and analysis tools to tune performance of CPU, GPU, threading, memory, energy efficiency, cache, and storage. Tune for the best performance with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.

Tools by OS VTune

Intel® Advisor

Design and optimize vectorization, threading, and flow graphs. Use the cache-aware Roofline Analysis to identify high-impact, under-optimized loops and get tips for faster code.

Intel® Inspector

Find and debug data races, deadlocks, memory leaks, corruption, and persistent memory errors.

Intel® System Studio

Speed up development of system and IoT device applications, boost performance and power efficiency, and strengthen system reliability with this comprehensive, cross-platform tool suite. Includes optimizing compilers, highly tuned libraries, analyzers, debug tools, and advanced cloud connectors, as well as provides access to over 400 sensors.

Intel® Performance Libraries (Free)

Take advantage of powerful and award-winning performance libraries that optimize your code and shorten development time. Accelerate math, threaded and vectorized functions; image, signal, compression and cryptography; machine learning and data analytics; scalable cluster messaging, and more.

Intel® Media Server Studio

Get fast media performance through a media SDK, runtimes, and analytical tools needed for media, broadcast, and infrastructure developers to develop and deploy enterprise-grade media solutions on the Intel Xeon® processor and Intel Core™ processor–based platforms.

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Accelerate the development of computer vision solutions for smart cameras, robotics, autonomous vehicles, office automation, and more. Integrate visual understanding with deep learning inference and speed workload performance.

Intel® Distribution for Python*

Deliver high-performance Python* applications for machine learning and scientific compute workloads from device to cloud. Accelerate NumPy, scikit-learn, and SciPy packages with the power of native performance libraries, multithreading, and the latest vectorization instructions for faster computing.

Intel® Media SDK

A cross-platform API for developing media applications and accelerating media and image processing on client systems, smart cameras, embedded systems, and mobile devices.

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications

Accelerate heterogeneous compute application performance with Intel® Graphics Technology compute offload. Create high-performance image and video processing pipelines, and customize solutions.