Intel® Energy Profiler

Intel® Energy Profiler

Energy and Power Profiler for System Software Developers

  • Actionable wake-up, sleep state, frequency and temperature data lets you find software that is wasting power.
  • Designed for system software developers.
Available in Intel® System Studio

Optimize System Power & Energy Use – Extend Battery Life

Unlike other tools that measure average power usage, or require external hardware, Intel® Energy Profiler identifies the cause of the wake ups that waste energy with a software only solution. Interrupts are mapped to the IRQ/device and timers are mapped to the process that scheduled them. This gives you actionable information to reduce / consolidate wake-ups, and save energy by remaining in a low power state for a longer period of time.

Quickly identify what is causing high energy consumption. Find the most frequent causes of wake-ups or the wake-ups caused by your software. Optionally select a specific region of time and filter the results to show only data during that time or only wake-ups caused by a specific wake-up source. The productive Intel® VTune™ Amplifier user interface is used to analyze Intel Energy Profiler data.

Android*, Windows*, and Linux* Targets

Intel® Energy Profiler features vary by OS and processor of the target system. Data collection is only available on supported Intel processors and SoCs. On Linux, root access on the target is required to install the drivers. On Android, a special developer build of the OS that contains the drivers is required; they cannot be added to a standard build. See the documentation and release notes for details.

Intel® SoC Watch

Intel® Energy Profiler is an umbrella term for a set of data collectors that gather energy profiling data that can be imported and analyzed in the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for Systems user interface.