Intel® Heart Rate SDK

Build dynamic mobile apps to utilize real-time heart rate data along with everyday use of headphones.

  • A software development kit (SDK) for Intel-powered smart earphones
  • Provides heart rate data to third-party apps
  • Hides the complexity of heart rate data capture and calculations

Intel® Heart Rate SDK Overview

Intel is excited to announce an SDK to enable developers to make use of the sensor capabilities found in wearable devices powered by Intel® technology. Intel Smart earphones are designed to offer integrated heart rate monitoring without external power (batteries). Rather, the headphones draw their power from the same combo jack (Headphone/Mic AUX port) found on smartphones and heart rate data is sent over the AUX cable. This makes a unique product (first-in-class) that does not require any other hardware or configuration.

The SDKs will expose APIs to enable developers to make use of the heart rate sensing capability in headphones powered by Intel's heart rate technology. Users can now get heart rate beats per minutes while listening to their favorite music. This will allow developers to add value to their fitness and wellness applications for iOS* and Android*.

If you don’t have Intel-powered smart earphones already, you can purchase SMS Audio BioSport from the SMS Audio website.


Specs at a Glance

Required OS

For Android* SDK: Android* API Level 14:00 or higher.

For iOS* SDK: iOS 7.1 – iOS 8.3


For Android* SDK: Eclipse*, Android Studio*

For iOS* SDK: Xcode