Intel® Heart Rate SDK

Build dynamic mobile apps to utilize real-time heart rate data along with everyday use of headphones.

  • A software development kit (SDK) for Intel-powered smart earphones
  • Provides heart rate data to third-party apps
  • Hides the complexity of heart rate data capture and calculations

Intel® Heart Rate SDK Details

Intel® Heart Rate SDK is a library available for Android* and iOS* that will allow your apps to take advantage of the sensors and capabilities built into Intel-powered devices.

Intel-powered smart earphones with heart rate monitors include a software development kit (SDK) for interfacing and providing heart rate data to third-party apps. The key attributes for Intel Heart Rate SDK include the following features:

  • (Javadoc/Apple Doc) Definition of application programming interface (API)
  • Design of sensor sample data structure
  • Implementation of heart rate estimator
  • Implementation of sensor data receiver
  • Detection and reporting of status to the third-party apps

APIs provide:

  1. A callback interface for the host app to get notified when heart rate changes
  2. A callback for the host app to get notified when status changes
  3. A methods for the app to start or stop callbacks
  4. A method for the app to release all resources used by the instance

Intel Heart Rate SDK fetches audio from the audio port, demodulates out sensor signal from audio, supplies sensor data to the libraries to interpret the audio waves into readable heart rate along with status codes if any. (Explained in API documentation)