Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) Support


There's a tool I'd like Intel® INDE to support. How do I share my feedback with Intel?
Your feedback is important to us. Please submit your feedback to the Intel® INDE forum.
Is an Internet connection required to use Intel® INDE?
A stable internet connection is required to install Intel® INDE and the tools available within Intel® INDE. Once you've downloaded tools from Intel® INDE, an internet connection is not required to use them. It is, however, required to maintain and check for updates and notifications.
How do I install Intel® INDE?

Full installation instructions for the Intel INDE product are contained in the Intel INDE Release Notes ( Be sure that your host system meets the minimum installation requirements as described in this document before downloading or installing the product.

The installation of the product requires a valid license file or serial number. If you are evaluating the product, you can choose the option “Evaluate this product (no serial number required)” during installation. The Ultimate Edition will be installed if you choose this option.

Once you download the install file for the product, double-click that file to begin installation. You do not need to remove previous versions of Intel INDE 2015 before installing a newer version of the Intel INDE 2015 product. However, if you installed the Intel INDE Beta on your system, we recommend that you completely remove the Beta version before installing the Intel INDE 2015 product.

After the installation process begins, you may need to install additional products (such as the Java* SDK) before the rest of the Intel INDE installation can proceed. Also, during the install process you need to select one or more options or product components – the installation window provides help on each of these options.

How do I get support for Intel INDE?

For online technical support of the Intel INDE product, visit the Intel INDE Support Page ( On this site you can also let us know if there are additional features that you need for your cross-platform development workflow.

If you have purchased either the Ultimate Edition or the Professional Edition of Intel INDE, you are also entitled to Intel® Premium Support ( For more information on registering for Intel Premier Support, go to:

How do I install updates for the product?
This is done through Intel® Software Manager that is installed with Intel INDE. For more info:
How do I get help resolving product licensing issues?
Most issues can usually be resolve from information included on the Intel licensing and registration web page: If you are still unable to get your issue resolved, please contact the Intel INDE team via the Intel INDE Support Page ( or Intel Premier Support (
Will Intel INDE support other target platforms besides Windows* and Android*, or other client systems besides Windows* and OS X*?
Though we cannot comment on our future development plans, your success in cross-platform development is important to us. The current list of supported features by Host OS is on the Getting Started page ( If you would like support for additional platforms, please make a reqeust on our forums at

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