Intel INDE





Customize your development toolbox to code native applications, expose underlying architecture, and deliver higher performance and differentiated apps. Your favorite Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) tools are now available as standalone downloads. Select libraries, SDKs, and tools for code creation, compilation, debugging, and analysis to create high-performance C++/Java applications.


Intel INDE Support

Intel® Media SDK

A cross-platform media solution for creating and editing videos, videoconferencing, and playback.

Intel® Media SDK for Windows*
Audio for Windows*
Media RAW Accelerator for Windows*

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Debug, analyze, and optimize games and media applications.

Graphics Frame Analyzer
System Analyzer
Platform Analyzer

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications

Build, debug, and analyze OpenCL™ applications.

OpenCL™ CodeBuilder

Intel® Context Sensing SDK

Empowers mobile app developers to create compelling cross-platform context-aware experiences.

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB)

Widely used C++ template library for task parallelism.

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP)

Gain a competitive edge with optimized image/signal processing, data compression and cryptography library.


Boost application performance through optimized compiler. Please contact us for more information.

Media for Mobile

Bring professional-grade media to iOS*, Windows* RT, and Android*.

Multi-OS Engine Technology Preview

Develop native applications for iOS and Android.

Intel® Visual Coding Framework - Beta

A drag-and-drop development tool to add media to cross-platform applications.

Intel® Tamper Protection Toolkit - Beta

Protect applications from reverse engineering and tampering to guard intellectual property, crypto keys, and other valuable assets.

Intel® INDE OpenCV - Beta

Add computer vision capabilities to your native applications.