Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives: Feb 2014 Preview

The preview release package is currently focused delivering Intel® Graphics support for advanced image processing and computer vision functions.  Provide feedback to help shape the future of Intel® IPP!

  • Asynchronous C/C++ Library (with Intel® Graphics support)
  • OpenCL Library (with Intel® Graphics support)

The Intel® IPP Monthly Development Cycle

Preview → Production → Deprecation

Preview Release

Preview releases are intended to solicit community feedback driving updates to monthly update releases and eventual inclusion into the production Intel® IPP library.  A feature may stay in preview for from just a few months or it may stay there much longer.  Preview functionality may change at any time based on community feedback.  Preview releases are free (no cost) to download and use and you may ship commercial or non-commercial software using preview release features.  If you do ship software using preview functionality, keep in mind that change may occur much more frequently than a production feature.

For more information about our latest preview release, view the Details Tab.

Production Release

Production releases  contain features and functions that have been vetted by the Intel® IPP community via the preview release process.  Once a feature is promoted to production, you can expect change to that functionality to be minimized, including removal, which would only occur through our formal deprecation process.

For more information about our latest production release, view the Intel® IPP Product Page.


Some production algorithms and implementations have a lifetime, either becoming obsolete or are replaced with improved implementations.  When it comes time to remove functionality from the IPP production product, our commitment to you is at least a 2 year deprecation process.  First, APIs will be marked as deprecated, but will remain in the product.  After at least two years, we will consider removing the function.  This period of time enables you to update your project without being rushed and with time to provide feedback to us.

For more information about our deprecation process and current deprecations, view the Intel® IPP Deprecation Page.

Asynchronous C/C++ Library:

What's New:

  1. Added the following new features:
    • Harris Corner Enhancement
    • Warp Affine
    • Warp Perspective
    • Centroid - 16s and 32f support
  2. Enhanced infrastructure
    • Separate DLL for each platform. The installer detects platform and install the corresponding libraries. These libraries should not be used with libraries in previous releases.
    • Replicate border pixels in all image width


An optimized image processing and computer vision functions targeting Intel® Graphics that can be used alongside the traditional Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives synchronous C/C++ API (which targets the CPU), or by itself. Maximize performance, power efficiency, and platform throughput today!
The asynchronous C/C++ API is extremely easy to use and integrates seamlessly into any existing C/C++ application. This library will automatically make pipeline level optimizations on your behalf.

For more info, including the list of preview functions currently available, review the Details Tab.

Low-level APIs
Currently available
hppiAbs hppiCopyROI hppiMulC
hppiAbsDiff hppiDeInterleave hppiNot
hppiAdd hppiDiv hppiOr
hppiAddC hppiDivC hppiSampleDown_H2V2
hppiAnd hppiExp hppiSet
hppiBinarize hppiExtract hppiSetFrom
hppiBinToGrey hppiInsert hppiSetMask
hppiBlockMax hppiInterleave hppiSqr
hppiBlockMin hppiMatMul hppiSqrt
hppiCompare hppiMatMulTranspose hppiSub
hppiCompareC hppiMatTransposeMul hppiSubC
hppiConvert hppiMatVecMul hppiSum
hppiCopy hppiMirror hppiThreshold
hppiCopyMask hppiMul hppiTranspose
Mid-level APIs
Currently available
hppiBlockMinMax hppiFilterLinear hppiMorphGradient
hppiCanny hppiFilterMedian hppiMorphOpen
hppiCentroid hppiFilterRow hppiMorphTophat
hppiDilate hppiGradientVector hppiNormalize
hppiErode hppiHistogram hppiResize
hppiFastN hppiIntegral hppiSAD
hppiFilterBilateral hppiIntegralSqSum hppiSobel
hppiFilterBox hppiLBPImage hppiTrueDistanceTransform
hppiFilterColumn hppiLBPImageCorr hppiWarpAffine
hppiFilterFixed hppiMorphBlackhat hppiWarpPerspective
hppiFilterGaussian hppiMorphClose  
High-level APIs
Currently available
hppiAdvanceResize hppiApplyHOGDescriptor hppiFastN
hppiApplyCornerDetector (Harris) hppiApplyLKOpticalFlow hppiHOGconverter
hppiApplyHaarClassifier hppiApplyPyramid hppiNonMaximalSuppression

Getting Started Guide
Information detailed how to install the library, configure header and library build paths, and basic library usage.

Intel® IPP Asynchronous C/C++ Reference Manual (HTML | Downloadable HTML | PDF)
Detailed single API level information covering all asynchronous C/C++ library APIs including functions supported, parameters, return values, algorithm details, sample code snippets, and performance information.

Developer’s Guide (coming soon)
Detailed usage information covering the API design philosophy, expected design/usage  patterns, full API usage examples.

Release Notes
Overview of what has changed and any important information regarding the last release.

FAQ (coming soon)
Summarized answers to questions that we hear often.

Feedback is critical to the success and eventual promotion of any feature/function to an Intel® IPP production release. Report bugs or issues you may have, or provide feedback regarding any feature in any preview release in this forum.