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Why use the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab?

You can bring free, first class 40-core software development environments into your classroom via remote access today.

Engage students with hands-on manycore testing, demonstrate software scaling, and even conduct research supporting parallelism in the classroom. Prepare your students to compete in today's job markets.

Includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux* OS, a complete suite of Intel's software development tools, Intel sponsor support, and much more.

Featured Member

Nicolás Wolovick, National University of Córdoba, Argentina

Harness the Android* platform and deliver innovative apps for mobile and tablet devices powered by Intel® Architecture.

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Intel launches microgrant awards for parallel content

If you have ever wished for additional support to help creating publishable course materials, then get started and submit a proposal today.

Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 32 Core Testing Plan contest.

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