Intel® Media Server Studio 2018 for Linux*

Innovate and optimize enterprise-grade video delivery and cloud graphics applications and solutions for data center, cloud, and network usages.

  • Deliver fast, high-quality real-time video transcoding in broadcasting, over-the-top (OTT) live and video on demand (VOD), and in cloud gaming and remote desktop solutions.
  • Access hardware accelerated codecs and programmable graphics on the latest Intel® processors.
  • Speed the transition to higher frame rates and resolutions.
  • Reduce infrastructure and development costs.
  • Optimize solutions with advanced performance and quality analyzers.

Case Studies / Customer Quotes / Videos Enables Game-Changing Sports Calls provides instant high-quality video replays from up to 11 cameras with help from Intel® Media Server Studio.

ActiveVideo* Enhances Efficiency

Active Video LogoActiveVideo* boosts scalability and efficiency of its cloud-based, virtual set-top box solutions for TV guides, online video, and more, using Intel Media Server Studio.

Kraftway*: Video Analytics at the Edge of the Network

Kraftway* LogoToday’s sensing, processing, storage, and connectivity technologies enable distributed video analytics for cameras. With Kraftway* video software, designed using Intel Media Server Studio, platforms based on Intel Atom® processors can encode up to three 1080p60 streams at different bit rates with a near-zero CPU load.

iStreamPlanet Transforms Live Video Streaming

iStream Logo By moving video transcoding from traditional blades to the Hewlett Packard Moonshot* system and using Intel Media Server Studio, iStreamPlanet encodes live video streams in 10 times less data center space and up to five times less power use.

MAGIX Takes Video Editing to a New Level by Providing HEVC to Broad Users

Video Pro X provides HEVC encoding from Intel to semipros to help alleviate internet bandwidth use by videos.

Mobile Viewpoint Delivers HEVC HDR Live Broadcasting

This bonding transmitter delivers HEVC HDR video running on 6th generation Intel® processors, and through using Intel Media Server Studio to optimize HEVC compression and quality.

Innovative Security Camera from Sharp* is Built with Intel® Architecture

Sharp* unveils an all-around wireless, intelligent security camera built with an Intel® Celeron® processor, Sharp 12 megapixel image sensors and Intel® Media SDK for hardware-accelerated encoding.

Solution Brief

Customer Quotes

“The latest Intel® Xeon® processors offer important improvements over their predecessors,” said Yong Luo, general manager of ADLINK’s Embedded Computing Product Segment. “The Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 features an increased core count, a multi-threaded design and the most robust CPU performance to date, while the Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1500 provides the best cost per channel by using an integrated GT4e GPU from Intel and Intel Media Server Studio middleware to improve video processing performance without the need for an extra GPU card. Instead, the integrated GPU handles video processing tasks, making the CPU available to process analytics.”

For more inormation see press release.

An image"Two main reasons that we partner with Intel is because we achieve amazing performance using GPU-accelerated technology on our product ... using technology with Intel, Artesyn*, and Vantrix, we increased density of what was six streams on one server to 176 streams on the same server ... Intel Media Server Studio made the development experience much easier for developers because it provides access to all the codecs—AVC, HEVC, libraries, APIs—so they can take their app and port it through GPU-accelerated technology much easier than before …”

  • Virtual Video Transcoding in the Cloud: Artesyn Technologies optimizes with Intel Media Server Studio [2.51] View Video
  • Tech Talk at Mobile World Congress 2015 [25.17] View Video

Linsey Miller
Artesyn Technologies, Inc.

“SPB TV developed a new product called SBP TV Mega Encoder, which is specifically designed for mobile TV and OTT for emerging markets. In an adjusted two-unit form factor, we can achieve up to 100 HD channels for multibitrate video transcoded streams. This a very power efficient and powerful solution for video transcoding, and we have a competitive advantage in the OTT market and mobile TV. With Intel Media Server Studio, we achieved very good results and the support from Intel was superb.”

  • SPB TV's Mega Encoder made possible through Intel Media Server Studio [2.05] View Video

Nikolay Krasko

"The Intel Media Server Studio SDK allows building cost-effective, high-performance encoding and transcoding servers with high stream and rack unit density. While using the tool with StreamBuilder … The benefits we gained was a significant performance boost from much lower CPU usage, low memory consumption that resulted in additional free resources we could utilize for other tasks (even extra CPU encoding).”
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Alex Shchukin
Project Manager

“By integrating Intel Media Server Studio HEVC encoding into noisypeak one* (which provides encoding services for small studios), we deliver much higher encoding density and image quality to our clients. Intel provided excellent HEVC support, and in turn, we have a great product and solution."

  • Noisypeak Builds Media Transcoding Solution with Intel HEVC Encoding [1.57] View Video

Paul Frowijn, CEO