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Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017

Deliver Top C++, Fortran, and Python* Application Performance with Less Effort

  • Faster code: Boost application performance that scales on today’s and next-gen processors.
  • Create code faster: Use a toolset that simplifies creating fast, reliable parallel code.
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Students, educators, academic researchers, and open source contributors may qualify for Free Software Tools. Everyone qualifies for Community Licensing of Intel® Performance Libraries.


C++ & Fortran

C++ & Fortran


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  Composer Edition Professional Edition Cluster Edition

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Includes Composer Edition1 Professional Edition Cluster Edition
Intel® C++ Compiler      
Intel® Fortran Compiler      
Intel® Distribution for Python*1      
Intel® Math Kernel Library2
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library2
(C++, Java)
Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives2
(C, C++)
Intel® Threading Building Blocks2
Intel® Advisor
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel® Inspector
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE2
(C, C++, Fortran, C#, Java*, Python*, Go*)
Intel® MPI Library2
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector
(C, C++, Fortran)
Intel® Cluster Checker      
Rogue Wave* IMSL* Fortran Numerical Library
Add-on and bundled Add-on Add-on

1. Available on Windows*, Linux*, and OS X*.

2. Available bundled in a suite or standalone.

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