Intel® Platform Analysis Library (Intel® PAL)

Enable Software Development Tools

  • Software framework for tool vendors and developers
  • Debug, trace, and monitor APIs for Intel® architecture

This set of frameworks and components consists of:

  • Intel® Metrics Framework to support power and performance analysis
  • Intel® Trace Framework to support platform-wide hardware and software tracing capabilities
  • Intel® Debug Framework to support JTAG-based system debug for platforms based on Intel® Quark™-based processors


Intel® Metrics Framework

This framework simplifies access to a wide variety of performance metric data available across Intel® platforms. The framework publishes the data in a standardized way through a common API independent of any data viewer or data source. Developers worry less about how to get the data, and focus more on the metrics and how to use the data.

Intel® Trace Framework

Intel Trace Hub Support Library (Intel® THSL)
This collection of software modules enables software developers to support Intel® Trace Hub (Intel® TH) technology. The Intel TH hardware component, in conjunction with the software modules, allows combined software debug and tracing usages. It provides time correlation between software, firmware, and hardware traces to give a system-wide view of the platform’s behavior.

Intel® Processor Trace Decoder Library
This minimally intrusive trace solution provides precise control flow and performance information in a highly compressed binary format. The Intel Processor Trace Decoder Library is a set of APIs that facilitates Intel's hardware instruction trace mechanism to analyze past execution flow. It reconstructs the program flow, shows exact software behavior on an instruction level and applies time stamps on a basic block level in a cycle-accurate mode.

Intel® Debug Framework

Intel® Debug Support Library
This is a set of APIs that facilitate software debugging on Intel® architecture, allowing developers to quickly implement a JTAG system debug solution for Intel®-based platforms.