Intel® Simulation and Analysis Engine (Intel® SAE) SDK

Instruction set simulator with full software stack binary instrumentation capabilities.

  • Simulate any modern OS and application in your virtual platform of choice
  • Write C/C++ instrumentation tools to analyze the software's unmodified binaries, including the OS and any other privileged software

Intel® Simulation and Analysis Engine (Intel® SAE) is a framework for full-system instrumentation. By writing Intel® SAE tools, called ztools, you can conduct different types of program analysis, such as correctness, performance, and security studies as well as architectural feature and hardware resource usage characterization studies. Using ztools, you can also implement and explore new architectural features. Several widely used binary instrumentation systems are available, such as Pin and Valgrind, however they restrict the analysis to the user mode. With Intel® SAE, it is possible to instrument any program that is running in the system, including privileged software and the operating system itself.

The documentation section of this website includes a developer manual on how users can write their own new tools using Intel® SAE APIs. You can also find video tutorials, presentations, and technical papers.