Intel® Software Innovator Program

Benefits of the Intel® Software Innovator Program

The Intel® Software Innovator program provides benefits in return for program participation, as listed below.

Note: This program is fast moving and evolving, therefore some of the items below may or may not be applicable depending on program priorities.

Benefits to Intel® Software Innovators

As a result of program participation, Intel Software Innovators receive the following benefits:

Early Access
As available and based on participation level, Intel Software Innovators may get early access to SDKs, software development platforms, and in-market or production devices. Many Intel Software Innovators also qualify for NDA status, granting them access to early information and regular technology briefings.

Notoriety and Exposure
Receive branding designation, such as an Intel Software Innovator badge and logo and swag to wear and post online, identifying you as an expert in the eyes of an industry leader.

Earn support to events including travel, per diem, and event registration costs in exchange for demonstrating Intel technologies.

Gain regular access to a community of fellow leaders to spark discussion, innovation, and to further your mastering as a leading developer.

Benefits to Intel

Intel® Software Innovators contribute to the program in the following ways:

Expert Representation
Live engagement such as presentations, demonstrations, webinars, talks, hackathon support, or meetups showcasing a personal approach to using technology based on Intel architecture.

Insight Back to Intel
Contribute regular feedback, recommendations, and guidance regarding products and the program via monthly calls.

Front Line Technical Support
Provide direct technical representation and engagement with developers at events we can’t reach.

Increase Intel Brand Representation
Represent Intel through online content and social amplification as an advocate and expert using approved hashtags.