Intel® Software Innovator Program

What is the Intel® Software Innovator Program?

The Intel® Software Innovator program supports innovative, independent developers who display an ability to create and demonstrate forward-looking projects by providing them with speaking and demonstration opportunities at industry events and developer gatherings. Through their expertise and innovation with cutting-edge technology, Intel Software Innovators demonstrate a spirit of ingenuity, experimentation, and forward thinking that inspires the greater developer community.

Who are Intel Software Innovators?

Currently, hundreds of developers are engaged in the program worldwide and have trained hundreds of thousands of developers on Intel® technology. This program is growing with support for developers in North America, Brazil, Europe, India, Asia Pacific, and China.

The requirements to become an Intel Software Innovator are as follows:

Expertise. Should be influential in their area of expertise, as well as demonstrate a strong level of expertise in a current Intel technology focus area.

Innovative Work. Should have innovative, quality projects or demos that leverage current Intel technology.

Engaging Presenter. Should be an effective and cooperative presenter with experience in speaking, demonstrating, and responding to a live developer audience (such as trade shows, meetups, webinars, hackathons, codefests, and social media.)

Developers who meet the above requirements will receive the designation of Intel Software Innovator and will be given opportunities to showcase their work to developers. Additionally, contributing Software Innovators can earn recognition from developers and consideration for Intel® Black Belt Software Developer status.

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