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Intel® Software Innovator Summit 2016

Fifty innovators from Europe, South America, and North America gathered in Seattle, Washington in November for the Intel Software Innovator Summit. In-depth technical trainings, Intel® Software Innovator “lightning talks," and a robot car challenge were just a few of the highlights of this annual event.

Featured Innovators

Flying in Virtual Reality

Jon Collins talks about Leave the Nest, a virtual reality flying adventure. Fly and dive through the forest, race trains, and cruise perilously close to dangerous volcanoes.

Interfacing Robotics with IoT

Ron Evans demonstrates Toyhub, a robot built using Cylon.js and Gobot (robotics and IoT frameworks). Toyhub highlights how you can develop IoT and robotics projects as easily as web applications.

ConsoleTab Brings the Android* Platform to PC Devices

Christopher Price shows off ConsoleTab, the first tablet in the United States that launches with Windows® 10 and Android*.

Smarter Retail for Smarter Consumers

Fabrizio Lapiello built Reaction to Reaction, a platform for recognizing people's reactions to shop windows. This app is based on Intel RealSense technology and a cloud-based app that saves the data.

Opening Up The World of Robotics

Innovator Ron Evans of the Hybrid Group works with both the largest and the smallest companies on Earth: From start-ups still in the garage phase, all the way up to a sci-fi film franchise so popular that Ron, Hybrid Group's “ring-leader,” can only hint at its name.

Full-Body 3D Scanning

Intel® Software Innovators from Cappasity showcase an early prototype of a full-body 3D scanner with the Intel® RealSense™ long range camera.

SmartCans Sacramento IoT Innovator Lab Winner

SmartCans was the winner of a six-week IoT workshop challenge held at the HackerLab in Sacramento. Daryl Posnett talks with Intel’s Bob Duffy about his project and how he developed this project by putting an Intel® Edison board in the ear cups of audio headphones.

Augumented Reality (AR), Oculus* Rift, and Intel® RealSense™

Martin Förtsch and Thomas Endres were recently featured in a Motherboard article for their work with 3D cameras, gesture control, Intel® RealSense™ technology, and Oculus* Rift.

Tanked Augmented Sand Game

Nathan Greiner from Design Mill uses the Intel® RealSense™ camera and demonstrates an inventive technology that uses a table of sand to dynamically generate the game terrain in a tank-versus-tank game.

Tips on Unity* and Intel® RealSense™ Technology

Jacob Pennock gives developers some tips and tricks to working with Intel® RealSense™ technology and Unity* in a series of nine videos.

Peach Pellen at AnDevCon Boston

For Intel Software Innovator, Peach Pellen, AnDevCon Boston was a fantastic experience. Read more about her role as an innovator and how it allowed her to get close to demos such as Testdroid.

Paul Langdon, IoT, and Innovation Think

Intel Software Innovator for IoT, Paul Langdon, has been hosting Innovation Think since March, 2015, to expose people to technology that stimulates innovation.

Connecting Javascript* with Intel® Technology

Aulia Faqih shows us how to combine Intel® RealSense™ technology with Intel® Edison technology.

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Innovation Updates


 Well Told Entertainment’s New Virtual Reality Escape Room GameDare to Play: Well Told Entertainment’s New Virtual Reality Escape Room Game

By combining fun and technology, Sam Warner and Andrew Thompson designed a virtual reality game based on the childhood game of Bloody Mary. Released in time for Halloween, the game is being hailed as a winner in this genre.

How to Increase User Engagement with AppsHow to Increase User Engagement with Apps

Peter O’Hanlon discusses the logic behind user engagement: How to measure and increase it so that users are more engaged with applications.

Shape Song: Musical Virtual Reality

Create your own instruments to play along with songs created by you or others in a fully reactive and immersive virtual world.

HELIOS: A Visual Visor

HELIOS employs Intel® RealSense™ technology to provide a series of accessibility features for visually impaired individuals, empowering them to perform actions and tasks with more confidence and ease

Robots reimaginedRobots Reimagined

Michael Schloh demonstrates a gesture-based, low-latency controller for robotic applications. It provides the input component of a virtual reality steering system.

 Fueling InnovationNASA Space Apps Challenge: Fueling Innovation

Ron Evans participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge as part of an on-site crew and developer initiation process. The focus was on inspiring, supporting, and encouraging teams to adopt Intel® Edison boards into the development of their projects.

A 4D Video Game Using Intel ® RealSense™ TechnologyA 4D Video Game Using Intel® RealSense™ Technology

Nathan Greiner and the Design Mill team built a customized sandbox using Intel® RealSense™ technology and an image projector to allow users to manipulate the topography of the map with their hands, dynamically creating a virtual environment via real-world sand.

Augmented Reality with the Intel® Edison BoardAugmented Reality with the Intel® Edison Board

Arun Magesh demonstrates how he built a open source, augmented reality headset based on the Intel® Edison board.

Here, Rover! A Remote-Controlled Car based on Windows® 10 IoT CoreHere, Rover! A Remote-Controlled Car Based on Windows® 10 IoT Core

Marco Dal Pino shares a small rover project that can explore your environment and can be controlled remotely by WiFi* or cloud via a web app hosted on Microsoft Azure*.

Play Music in VR with Shape SongPlay Music in VR with Shape Song

Justin Link shares Shape Song, a concept that lets people embrace VR and start playing music as easily as banging on a drum. The goal is to give everyone the experience of playing and creating music, either solo or with others, and sharing those creations and performances with everyone, both inside and outside of VR.

Cross-Platform Development Engine at GDCCross-Platform Development Engine at GDC

Black Gate Games CTO, Peach Pellen, talks about Platino, a cross-platform development engine that uses JavaScript, compiles natively, and supports both IoS* and Android*, along with dedicated support for x86.

Entering Text via Gesture AloneEntering Text via Gesture Alone

Chris Skaggs talks about the best (and worst) ways to let players enter text using only gestures, and shows readers how to set up the Intel® RealSense™ SDK in Unity* to try this themselves.

How I Got Started Learning Modern CodeHow I Got Started Learning Modern Code

Abhishek Nandy gives a quick overview at his introduction of Modern Code, from multi-core awareness to CPU utilization.

48 Hours to Make a Game: Global Game Jam Yogyakarta

Intel Software Innovator Aulia Faqih writes about his experience creating an Intel RealSense game in 48 hours at Global Game Jam 2016.

How to Create a Search Field In Your Android* App

Nelson Glauber shows how developers can integrate a simple search function within their Android* apps.

Emotion Detection in a Game with Intel® RealSense™ Technology: The Risen

Justin Link gives game players the ability to "build" evil power in The Risen, a a game that lets you command a horde of skeletons with voice commands while reaching in with your hands and collecting the souls of fallen knights.

An Intel® Edison Board, Connected to Microsoft Azure* and Controlled by a Windows* Phone? Sure!

Avirup Basu guides readers through the process of hooking up an Intel Edison board with Microsoft Azure, with the Azure mobile service acting as a bridge between the Intel Edison board and the controller (a Windows phone app is used here).

VIZIUM: Help for the Visually Impaired with Intel® RealSense™ Technology

VIZIUM, created by Intel® Software Innovator Silviu-tudor Serban, employs Intel® RealSense™ technology to provide blind and visually impaired individuals with a sense of motion and nearby environment, allowing them to navigate the world more freely and safely.

Intel® Compute Stick Technology: iConsole Micro*

Chris Price discusses iConsole micro* and Console* OS with Android*, featuring Intel® Compute Stick technology and Android for 2-in-1, PC, and tablet devices.

Intel® Developer Zone: Tools, Knowledge, Community

Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, Clay Breshears and Gaston Hillar, and Intel® Software Innovators, Peach Pellen, Nathan Greiner, and Max Baraiss, discuss how they use the Intel Developer Zone.

Introduction to Autonomous Navigation for Augmented Reality

Ryan Measel introduces autonomous navigation and demonstrates how this technology is integrated in augmented reality applications using the Intel RealSense camera (R200) and the Unity* 3D Game Engine as an example.

BB8's Amazon Web Services (AWS)* Adventure

In a galaxy far, far away... Paul Langdon will connect a Sphero BB-8 to the AWS* IoT via an Intel Edison board. Once connected, the BB-8 will be released in space and begin transmitting sensor data to AWS.

Innovators Featured in Brian Krzanich's (BK) IDF 2015 Keynote

The Intel® Software Innovator program made a big impact at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2015 with nine Intel® Software Innovators demonstrating projects focused on Intel® RealSense™ technology, IoT, and Android* or Windows* live coding. Two Intel Software Innovators were also featured in the keynote speech by Brian Krzanich (BK) on the first day, as well as in Intel® IQ as part of the top ten technologies featured at IDF 2015.

Project template to develop WPF applications with VB.NET and Intel® RealSense™
By Massimo B 12/28/15

Massimo Bonanni shares project templates for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. These templates allow you to create applications written in VB.NET that use Intel® RealSense™ SDK.

Reminiscing About Austin's Intel HPC Developer Conference & SC15
By Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy 12/16/15

In conjunction with and immediately prior to SC15, the Intel HPC Developer Conference was successfully held in Austin. Tom Murphy has found hallway conversations to be the most likely places to become inspired, solve problems, and learn new stuff.

Perceptual Drone Speech Recognition
By Marco D.P. 10/02/15

Marco Dal Pino writes about controlling drones with speech recognition applications using the Intel® RealSense™ SDK.

Live Coding with OpenGL
By Russ Beutler (Intel) 10/23/2015

Intel® Software Innovator and OpenGL game developer, Eskil Stenberg, shows off his skills for live coding at the IDF2015 conference in San Francisco, CA. Eskil explains his process for using native development to create an innovative one-button game while interacting with attendees at IDF.

How I Made a 3D Video Maker
By leebamber 10/01/15

Lee Bamber, Intel® Black Belt Software Developer and CEO of The Game Creators, explores his journey to his winning application for the Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge and reveals some lessons learned along the way.

3D People Full-Body Scanning System With Intel® RealSense™ 3D Cameras and Intel® Edison: How We Did It
By Konstantin Popov 10/15/15

Konstantin Popov of Cappasity* describes how they created their full body scan demo for this year’s Intel® Developer Forum. Included is the general concept of the demo, including calibration and camera systems.

User Feedback for Natural User Interfaces with Intel® RealSense™ Technology Part 1
By Justin L. 05/14/15

Justin Link talks about his experience with developing NUIs for games and specifically focuses on how important user feedback is in this environment.

IoT Incubator Program - Sacramento Demo Night
By Bob Duffy (Intel) 01/19/15

Tech evangelist Bob Duffy talks about the six-week long IoT Incubator hackathon, a program managed by local Intel® Software Innovators Nile Mittow and Devin Becker.

Conducting Workshop In IoT With Intel® Edison: From Preparations to Executions
By Rupam D. 09/10/15

Rupam Das talks about his recent experience at the roadshow Intel® organized in Pune, India.

Tinnitus Therapy with Intel's Edison: Kickoff
By Randall Arnold 01/13/15

Randall Arnold discusses his ideas on what to develop with his Edison development board, including a controller for a tinnitus therapy device.