Intel® System Debugger

Intel® System Debugger

JTAG-assisted Debug & Trace Solution for Intel® Architecture

  • Provides deep system-wide insight into Intel® Architecture-based platforms 
  • Specific OS-awareness modules for Embedded and Real-time Operating Systems
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The Intel® System Debugger is a JTAG-based debug solution supporting in-depth debugging and tracing of Intel® Architecture-based System Software and Embedded Applications. It enables developers to debug and trace Intel® Architecture-based platforms system-wide, e.g. UEFI / firmware, System-on-Chip peripheral registers, OS kernel and drivers with full OS awareness.

Intel® System Debugger is not sold separately.
It is included in this suite: Intel® System Studio Ultimate Edition.


Accelerate Time-to-Market
Speed-up debugging and testing with deep hardware and software insight

Strengthen System Reliability
Enhance system stability using in-depth system-wide debug and trace capabilities