Burning a Data File

To burn a data file into flash memory:

  1. Choose View > Flash Memory Tool or click the Flash Memory Tool button.

    The Flash Memory Tool dialog box appears.

  2. Choose the appropriate flash configuration from the Flash drop-down list.
  3. Choose the appropriate data file from the Data File drop-down list or browse for it.
  4. Choose a data file and click Open.
  5. Enter the number 0 into the Offset in Flash field.

    This number specifies the image offset of the data file.

  6. Make sure the Burn as Binary File check box is not checked.

    You only need to check it if you want to burn another data file format as binary format.

  7. Make sure the Erase Affected Blocks check box is checked.

    The affected blocks are automatically erased during the burn process.

  8. Click the Burn button.

    The program is burned to the flash. A progress bar in the lower part of this dialog box shows the progress.

  9. Close the Flash Memory Tool dialog box.

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