Debugging Using the Agent Based Connection Method

When debugging using the UEFI agent based connection method, the watchlist feature can be used. When a module is added to the watchlist, the target is halted when the module is loaded. Watchlists can be used in all phases of the UEFI BIOS boot if the target debug agent for that phase is enabled. See Setting Up the Target about how to enable the target agent for each boot phase.

The UEFI watchlist commands become active when you connect to a target using the agent based connection. Add your module(s) to the watchlist using the command EFI WATCHLIST ADD after connecting to a target. Run the target and you will see a list of modules getting loaded on the console window. When a module with a matching name is loaded, the target is halted at the module entry function and the module debug information is loaded automatically.

Wildcards in the module name are not supported, but the module name parameter is case and suffix insensitive. For example module names PeiCore, peicore and peicore.efi will all be considered a match for the PeiCore UEFI module .

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