Drag and Drop

You can drag an item and drop it to another window. Dragging and dropping is a graphical shortcut for commands and actions.

  • In general, dragging and dropping only affects the display of items.

  • You can undo every drag and drop action.

  • You can cancel a drag and drop action by pressing Esc, holding it down, and releasing the mouse button. Alternatively, you can drop the item anywhere where dropping has no effect.

  • For some windows, you can copy the selection by pressing the Ctrl key while dragging the item.

To drag and drop an item:

  1. Select an item in the window.

  2. Click the left mouse button on the highlighted item and hold the mouse button while dragging the mouse pointer into another window.

    The mouse pointer changes depending on the source and target you are dragging.

  3. Watch the help information in the status bar.

    The status bar says what will be performed if you drop the item at the current mouse pointer location.

  4. Release the mouse button within the destination window.

    The expression appears in the destination window.

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