Load symbol files from module maps.


EFI "LOADFROMMAPmap_file [module_name]"



The name and path of the map file, for example, 'C:/build/example.map'. Note: The file path must be enclosed in single quotes. Use forward slashes '/' in the file path.


Specify a module name if you want to load the symbol file only for a given module, for example., module.efi. Note: The module name must have the extension .efi for a module built with Microsoft Visual Studio* or .debug for a module built with the GNU* Compiler.


The map file created by the edk2 build phase lists SEC and PEI phase modules located in the flash. This command loads the symbol files of those modules. If you specify only the mapfile, the symbol files of all listed modules are loaded. If you specify a module name (optionally), only the symbol file of the specified module is loaded. If symbol files cannot be found, add a directory replacement rule. For more information, see also Source Directories Dialog Box Rules Tab.

EFI "LOADMODFROMMAP 'C:/build/example.map' module.efi"
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