Display loaded DXE modules.






This command prints a list of loaded DXE phase modules. Use the command EFI LOAD to load symbols for a module.

If the system table address is not set when giving this command, the debugger automatically searches for loaded modules. See EFI SETSYSTAB if the system table address is not found.

This command can be used in the DXE phase.

Example: Displaying found modules:
xdb> efi showdxemodules
INFO: Software debugger set to: efi64 - EFI/PI compliant BIOS (64-bit mode)
INFO: Using cached EFI State Information
ModuleID  Base                Size        Name
00000     0x00000000AE71C000  0x00013F51  DxeMain.efi
00001     0x00000000AF485000  0x000076C0  EBC.efi
00002     0x00000000AF4FF000  0x0000D120  Runtime.efi
00003     0x00000000AF3CE000  0x000B6E00  CORE_DXE.efi
00004     0x00000000AF3BE000  0x0000F960  AmiBoardInfo.efi
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