Erasing Flash Memory


To erase affected blocks automatically, you can check the Erase Affected Blocks check box of the Burning tab of the Flash Memory Tool dialog Box. If this check box is not checked, the debugger assumes that the affected areas were erased earlier or that you want to merge the new data with the existing data on a bit by bit basis. You can use the Erasing/Unlocking tab to manually erase or lock/unlock the flash.

To erase flash memory:
  1. Choose View > Flash Memory Tool or click the Flash Memory Tool button.
  2. The Flash Memory Tool dialog box appears.
  3. Click the Erasing/Unlocking tab.
  4. Check the All Blocks radio button to specify that all blocks are to be erased.
  5. Click the Erase button.

The flash is erased.


You can save the flash memory before the burn process using the Backup tab.

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