Display the Interrupt Descriptor Table list in the IDT Display window.





Reads memory directly from the target and updates the displayed data.


The number of the first table to be displayed.


The number of tables to be displayed. For example, if the value of /START is 5 and the value of /SIZE is 10, tables 5 to 14 are displayed.


When /INDEX is specified, the debugger uses the value of /START as the first index.


When/SELECTOR is specified, the debugger uses the value of /START as a segment selector.


Display the IDT from the address and limit parts of the IDTR registers. The parameter /SIZE is ignored in this case.


Defines the address from where you want to display the descriptor table.


This command displays a list of Interrupt Descriptor Tables within the IDT Display window. You can customize the display using different parameters as described above.

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