IDT Window

Display the Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT).


CPU Structure > IDT




The Index column displays the index number of the descriptor table.
The Selector column displays the selector which corresponds to the index entry in the first column. The selector value is the value used by system software and inside the segment registers to refer to an index inside the table.
This column shows the name of the exception that matches the index. Not all entries have dedicated names. Such entries are listed as either "Reserved" or "User Defined".
This column shows the descriptor type name of an entry.
The Description column displays additional information about the entry. To analyze and modify the details of a descriptor structure, select Modify from the pop-up menu.

Pop-up Menu

Opens a Modify Descriptor dialog box where you can edit values of the descriptor table.
Update All
Updates the contents of the descriptor table window.
Set Range
Opens the Display IDT dialog box where you can configure the address from where to display the descriptor table.
Display Mode
Switches the display of the descriptor tables to match the current, 32-bit, or 64-bit mode. Switching the mode can be useful when you want to view the descriptor tables in a certain mode before the target has actually entered it.
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