Kernel Threads Window

Display the Linux* kernel threads currently running on the target.


View > Linux Kernel Threads


Linux Kernel Threads

The Kernel Threads window displays all threads managed by the Linux* kernel, which are currently existing on the target. The window shows the thread names, their PID (Process ID), their current state and flags. Kernel threads have their names enclosed in square brackets, e.g. "[init]".


This window is only available when the Linux* Kernel OS-Awareness plug-in, plg-linux-jtag.dll (on Windows) or (on Linux), was loaded in the debugger. Also, debug information for the Linux* kernel must have been loaded for this window to work.

Pop-up Menu


This updates the thread list by retrieving the information from the target. For this to work, symbol information for the Linux* kernel needs to be already loaded and a Linux* kernel to currently be running on the target.


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