Load Dialog Box: Load Symbol File Tab

Use this dialog box to load a symbol file.


File > Load / Unload Symbol File...


Load / Unload Symbol File

Enter the name of the file containing the symbols into this field. Click the Browse button to browse for existing files.
If the Download check box is checked, the debugger downloads the data to the target automatically and loads the debug information. When this checkbox is not checked, the debugger only loads the debug information.


To enable automatic downloading, the target memory address specified by the application link must be valid initialized RAM-type memory.

A hexadecimal number that specifies the offset between the location of the debug information and the location of the image loaded on the target. To support position-independent-code, such as an OS kernel that the boot loader loads to a specified address, you must specify an offset to map the loaded debug information to the loaded binary on the target. Specify the load address of the binary in this field.
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