Locals Window

Display variable values of the currently executed function.


View > Locals





Displays the name of the variable.


Displays the value of the evaluated expression. Complex structures, like classes, records or arrays, are displayed in a tree view. Click an expansion icon or double-click an expression to expand or collapse the tree. When you finished your editions, press the Return key or click outside the value modification field.

The value field can contain the following special terms:

<optimized out>: The variable is not available because of compiler optimizations.

<currently unavailable>: The variable is currently not in scope. A value will be displayed as soon as the execution is stopped in the code block where the variable is defined.

To edit a value, double-click it, enter the new value, and press the Return key or click outside the value modification field.


Displays the type of the evaluated expression.


Changed values appear in the enhanced foreground color, which you specify by selecting Options > GUI Preferences. See GUI Preferences Dialog Box. A gray colored value denotes that the expression is not valid in the current scope.

Pop-up Menu

The pop-up menu of the Locals window contains the same items as the Evaluations window, not including Add Evaluation and Remove Evaluation. See also Evaluations Window.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.