Modify Dialog Box

Display and edit register values.


Not available.


Not available.


To access the Modify dialog box, double-click a register value or right-click a register name in the registers window.

Original Value
The register value at the time you opened the dialog box.
Register Value
Edit field to modify the value of the entire register.
Group Value
Edit field to modify the value of the currently selected bit group of the register. You can select bit groups by clicking them in the Register Layout field. A selected group is highlighted with a frame.
Register Layout
Displays the logical structure of the register using bit groups. Editable bits are highlighted. You can click the bits of bit groups to modify the register value (not available for large bit groups). You can also use the arrow keys to switch through the bit groups.
Displays information on the register.
Writes the edited value to the register and closes the dialog box.


The edited value is not written to the register until you click Set. This means, closing the dialog box with Close will discard all changes.

Restores the original register value in the dialog box.


You can only restore the value until you click Set. When you click Set, the edited value is written to the register. Reopening the dialog box will display the edited value as original value, this means Restore cannot reset the register to the original value that was displayed in the previous dialog box.

Cancels editing and closes the dialog box. All changes will be discarded.

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