Options Dialog Box: Assembler Tab

Specify the display settings of the Assembler window.


Options > Options


Not available.

Include Assembler Labels

Check On to display assembler symbols.

Center Disassembly

Check On to center the contents of the Assembler window around the current value of the instruction pointer.


The option causes memory reads at addresses lower than the actual value of EIP/RIP. This could produce invalid memory reads and target crashes. To avoid this behavior, check Off.

Assembly Style

Use the radio buttons to choose the assembly language style used in the Assembler window.

Include Source Annotation

Include Source Annotation defines how and if the corresponding source lines are displayed in the Assembler window view. If you choose None, no source lines are displayed. If you choose One Line, only those source lines translated into assembler code are displayed. If you choose Full Source, the disassembly is interleaved with the full source code. By default, this option is set to Full Source.

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