Execute a specific command and pass optional arguments to it.


SPAWN [/WAIT] command [arguments]



The debugger waits for the issued command to be finished. By default, the debugger continues working, that is, it already accepts the next command while the issued command command is still being executed.


The command to be executed.


The arguments to be passed to the command.


This command executes the specified command and passes optional arguments to it. Reserved words must be enclosed in double quotes "". Arguments with non-alphanumeric characters except “+” and “-” must also be enclosed in double quotes. If the argument command or arguments consists of a macro name or a debugger variable not protected by double quotes, the macro is expanded or the value of the debugger variable is used.


SPAWN  "notepad.exe c:/tmp/wlog.log"

The notepad-editor appears displaying the file wlog.log.

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