Load memory from the target to the host.


UPLOAD [/HEX] [/BIN] [/LENGTH=length] address "filename"

UPLOAD /CORE address "filename"



Produces Motorola* S-records instead of a simple memory dump. This file may be downloaded to the target again using the Load /Hex command.


Produces a binary image.


The parameter length yields the number of bytes to be written. The length must be greater than 0. The default is 250.


Uploads a core dump image, which has been generated due to a crash of the target.


The start address in memory where the data will be taken from.


The name of the uploaded file. A full path can be used, otherwise a relative path is assumed.


This command loads an area of memory from the target into the file filename on the host machine, starting at address address.


UPLOAD /BIN /LENGTH=4096 0x0100 dump.out
UPLOAD /CORE 0x40000 myfile.bd

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