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Vector Registers

Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel® SSE) operations use data types that are vectors of integers and floating point numbers, which can be modified in single instructions. The Vector Registers window displays the register values as vectors in various formats as supported by the Intel® SSE instruction set.

By default, the first column displays the id of all registers of a particular size, such as INT8, INT16, INT32, INT64, FLOAT32, or FLOAT64. The other columns display the vector iteration for each register in chunks of 1, 2, 4 and 8 bytes either displayed as an integer or a floating point number.


To edit a register value, double-click it.


The window is not supported for 64-bit applications.

Pop-up Menu


Select Size to select the desired display type for an iteration, such as INT32.


Select Format to select the desired display format for an iteration, such as hexadecimal. The format can only be changed for integer iterations, for FLOAT32|64, the format is fixed to float.

Column Resizing

Select Column Resizing to select an appropriate column display:

Fit to Window

Resizes the columns to equal size.

Fit to Contents

Resizes the columns to display their full content. You can use scroll bars if the whole window content is wider than the current width.

Swap Rows and Columns

Select Swap Rows and Columns to change the window display such as the registers being displayed in columns instead of rows.

Update All

Polls the current values of all registers. The window content is not changed by this operation.

View Menu

If you click the window’s menu button in the right upper corner, another popup menu appears with the following options:

Hide or Show Columns

Select one or more columns you want to hide or display.

AutoFit Column Width
Automatically adapts the width of each column to its content.
Reset Columns
Restores the default column display.
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