Viewing and Modifying Registers

You can view and modify register values either directly in the Registers window or by using the Modify Registers dialog box which shows a dedicated bitfield-editor. The Modify Registers dialog box lets you inspect and modify the values of individual bits or bit groups and also displays a description of the meaning of different values of bits and bit groups if available.

The Modify Registers dialog box can be used for basic registers shown in register view and system registers shown in processor specific, model specific and system controller registers. You can inspect the current value of the register, single bits and bit groups and view the description of different values also when you do not want to modify the existing values.

The register value can be modified directly in the register view by double-clicking the register value, typing in the new value and hitting enter of clicking outside the editor area. The new value is saved into the register.

To launch the Modify Registers dialog box, right-click the register you want to modify and select Modify from the context-menu or double-click the name of the register you want to modify.

See also Modify Registers Dialog Box.


Always click Set to write the edited value to the register. If you click Close, all modifications will be discarded and the register will not be updated.

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