VxWorks Tasks Window

Display Wind River* VxWorks* tasks.


View > VxWorks Tasks


The view shows names and additional information about all currently existing tasks the VxWorks* kernel knows about. After adding tasks to the task watchlist the added tasks will be shown at the top of the list. When a task is started the target will be halted if Break at init function of selected task option is selected from the context menu. The view is updated automatically when new tasks are created. Alternatively, you can use the command VX "SHOW TASKS" to display the information in the Console window.

Context Menu

Add new task to watchlist...
Adds a new task to the watchlist.
Add selected task to watchlist...
Adds the selected task to the watchlist.
Remove selected task from watchlist
Removes the selected task from the watchlist.
Remove all tasks from watchlist
Clears the task watchlist.
Break at init function of selected task
When selected, the program will be stopped automatically when the task is created. This feature is enabled by default.
Updates the view data from target.
Auto-update on target halt
When selected, the view data is updated automatically when the target halts. This feature is enabled by default.
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