Wind River* Workbench IDE: Importing Build Specs for Existing Wind River* Linux Projects

  • Wind River* Linux 6.x or later and Workbench 3.5 or later is installed on the Linux* host system.
  • Wind River* Linux application project exists on the Linux* host system.
  • Intel® System Studio and its Workbench Integration layer is installed on the Linux* host system.
  • Wind River* Linux platform project (with sysroot and build specs for using Intel® System Studio's Intel® C++ Compiler from Workbench) is available on Linux* host system.

The steps outlined in this topic helps you to import build specs for an already existing WRL project. By importing the Intel® C++ Compiler (ICC)-associated build specs you can build the existing WRL application project using ICC from Workbench.

  1. Launch Workbench.
    The Project Explorer window opens.
  2. In the Project Explorer window, go to File > Import > General > Build Settings.
    The Import Build Settings dialog opens.
  3. Select the Import Build Settings radio button.
  4. Under Import build settings from:, select Default Settings (Wind River Linux ...)
    Now you have two choices.
    • You can overwrite existing build settings.
    • You can import specific build specs.
  5. If you want to overwrite existing build settings, select the Overwrite existing build settings radio button, and click Finish to close the dialog.

    You will erase any custom build settings like extra libraries and compiler flags. For example, the mthread sample application would lose its -lpthread extra library flag.
  6. If you want a specific build setting, select Import specific build specs and click Next.

    The Import specific build specs dialog is displayed.
  7. Select an ICC-specific build specs and click Finish to close the dialog.

You have successfully imported ICC-specific build specs to use to build Wind River* Linux application project using ICC in Workbench IDE.

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