Installing Docker for Intel® System Studio 2018

Intel® System Studio includes a set of cross-development toolchains that allow you to build Linux* IoT applications for a variety of embedded Linux targets, regardless of the OS running on your development system: Apple* macOS*, Microsoft* Windows* or Linux*. These IoT toolchains are not traditional cross-compilers that run directly on your development system's OS; they are native Linux OS toolchains packaged in Docker* containers located on your host development system. Docker provides the Linux environments needed to host these target-specific native Linux toolchains directly on your development computer.

These Docker "containers" are automatically created by Intel System Studio when you create or open an IoT for Linux project. However, the underlying Docker tools required to create and utilize these special containers are NOT included as part of the installation of Intel System Studio. You must install Docker onto your development system in order to use these containers to build embedded Linux IoT application with Intel System Studio.

This documentation book provides instructions on how to install Docker on your respective (macOS, Windows or Linux) host development system.

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