Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB)

Leverage multi-core performance and heterogeneous computing without having to be a threading or parallel programming expert.

  • Parallelize computationally intensive work, delivering higher-level and simpler solutions using standard C++.
  • Most feature-rich and comprehensive solution for parallel application development
  • Highly portable, composable, affordable, and approachable and also provides future-proof scalability.
  • Compile agnostic, supports multiple OS and optimized for all Intel® architectures

Apart from the free program and open source Intel® Threading Building Blocks is also available as part of the following suite products with Intel® Premier support.

Intel® Threading Building Blocks
  Part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE Part of Intel® System Studio
What is it?

Tool suite for parallel processing performance on Windows*, Linux*

Tool suite for embedded system/device development

Where to get it?

Evaluate/Purchase on the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Try and Buy page

Evaluate/Purchase on the Intel® System Studio Try and buy page

Host OS Windows
Target OS Windows, Linux, OS X Embedded Linux*, Android, Tizen*, Wind River Linux*, Yocto Project*, Windows

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