Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB)

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB)

Widely used C++ template library for task parallelism

  • Rich set of components to efficiently implement higher-level, task-based parallelism
  • Compatible with multiple compilers and portable to various operating systems

Simplify Parallelism with a Scalable Parallel Model

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) 4.4 is a widely used, award-winning C++ library for creating high performance, scalable parallel applications.

  • Enhance Productivity and Reliability - Specify tasks instead of manipulating threads. Intel TBB maps your logical tasks onto threads with full support for nested parallelism
  • Gain Performance Advantage - Intel TBB uses proven, efficient parallel patterns and it also uses work stealing to support the load balance of unknown execution time for tasks.
  • Portability and Compatibility – Open-sourced and license versions available on Linux*, Windows*, OS X*, and Android*. It is compatible with multiple compilers and Intel compatible processors including Intel® Atom™, Intel® Core™, Intel® Xeon® processors, and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors.
  • Flow graph feature allows developers to easily express dependency and data flow graphs.

Flow Graph Designer Tool (Alpha)

Flow Graph Designer assists developers in creating and tuning flow graph applications. It does this in two ways:

As an analyzer, it provides capabilities to collect and visualize execution traces from Intel TBB flow graph applications. From Flow Graph Designer, users can explore the topology of their graphs, interact with a timeline of node executions, and project important statistics on to the nodes of their graphs.

As a designer, it provides the ability to visually create Intel TBB flow graph diagrams and then generate C++ stubs as a starting point for further development.

Learn more about our Flow graph designer tool and download it from the Flow Graph Designer article.

Also available as open source.

What’s New

Feature Benefit
Memory Allocator Improvements Improved tbbmalloc – increases performance and scalability for threaded applications
Improved Intel® TSX Support Applications that use read-write locks can take additional advantage of Intel TSX via tbb::speculative_spin_rw_mutex
Improved C++ 11 support Improved compatibility with C++ 11 standard
Tasks arenas Improved control over workload isolation and the degree of concurrency with new class tbb::task_arena
Latest and Future Intel® architecture Support Supports latest Intel architecture. Future proof with the next generation.

Specs at a Glance

Processors Intel compatible processors including Intel Atom, Intel Core, Intel Xeon processors, and Intel Xeon Phi™ coprocessors.


Portability and Compatibility

Open source and commercial licensing

Compatible with multiple compilers

Operating Systems

Windows*, Linux*, OS X* and Android* (additional with open source).
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