Intel® Video Pro Analyzer (Intel® VPA)

Intel® Video Pro Analyzer (Intel® VPA) 2016

A comprehensive suite of advanced video analysis software tools for current and next gen video coding standards. This tool is part of the Intel® Media Server Studio product family.

  • Inspect, test and debug the entire decoding and encoding process
  • Analyze streams for HEVC, VP9, AVC and MPEG-2 - use side-by-side comparisons, analyze broken streams
  • Innovate for UHD content with high-dynamic range (HDR) video/BT2020 support
  • Intuitive views of heat maps, syntax element, splits, motion vectors, reference frames; statistics extraction
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Analyze, Debug and Improve Video Codecs

With bandwidth being a major cost to network streaming and infrastructure, the use of next-gen codecs such as HEVC and VP9 are essential elements of real-time and OTT video streaming, content delivery, broadcast, and advertisements. Video Pro Analyzer is a comprehensive suite of advanced video analysis software tools for emerging HEVC, VP9 codecs, as well as widely- adopted AVC and MPEG-2 video coding standards. It allows for visual inspection of the complete decoding and encoding process, statistics collecton, debug tools for encoder and decoder, and more. When targeting current- and next-generation standard-compliant products: 4K or HD wireless display, broadcast to home screen or mobile device, or web streaming solutions and applications, using Intel® VPA to develop, research, or enhance video codecs, helps video pros save time and costs.

Support is available for Microsoft Windows*, Linux*, and OS X* systems.

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Supports Next-Gen Codecs and Standards

Profiles/Formats Supported

Intel VPA is a graphical coded video bitstream analysis tool, supporting current and next-generation coding standards:

  • HEVC: All major profiles supported
  • VP9: All major profiles supported
  • MPEG-2
  • AVC
  • MP4, MKV, MP2TS containers

Once a bitstream is loaded, users can inspect each step of the decode and encode process visually and numerically, and explore the structure of the coded image to help improve and debug a particular encoder or decoder. Intel VPA’s performance is optimized to process streams of significant size smoothly. It can handle broken and incompliant streams.

What’s New: 2016 R2 Release delivers new, industry-leading features

  • HEVC Error Resilience - Improves handling of non-compliant and broken HEVC streams, and provides enhanced error reporting (see video below).
  • Debug HEVC Encoder with Screen Content Coding Support – Debug streams encoded with HEVC SCC extension, which is a set of optimizations for cloud-based applications. SCC allows developers to significantly improve encoding compression over traditional encoders for content captured from remote desktop and presentations during video conferencing.
  • Full stream HEVC & AVC statistics, Dual View and Control – Get detailed comparisons of two bitstreams with highlighting of matching and different values. Enhance your product validation process with both visual and automated regression checking (see video below).
  • Video Pro Analyzer offer for Academia: 50% discount and free for eligible students and educators

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NGCodec shares what features and analysis used to choose a video encoder development tool, Nov. 2, 2015.

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