Intel® Video Pro Analyzer (Intel® VPA)

Intel® Video Pro Analyzer (Intel® VPA) 2015

A comprehensive suite of video analysis software tools for current and next gen video coding standards. This tool is a member of the Intel® Media Server Studio product family.

  • Detailed control over the complex HEVC and VP9 coding pipeline with visualization
  • Powerful debug tools for professional codec development and validation
  • Intuitive visual inspection of syntax element, splits, motion vectors, reference frames; full statistics extraction
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Intel® Video Pro Analyzer Tool: Detailed Video Codecs Analysis and Debug

With bandwidth becoming a major cost to network streaming and infrastructure, the use of next-gen codecs such as HEVC and VP9 are essential future elements of video, streaming, content delivery, broadcast, and advertisements. Video Pro Analyzer is a comprehensive suite of advanced video analysis software tools for HEVC, VP9, AVC and MPEG-2 video coding standards. It allows for visual inspection of the complete decoding process, statistics extraction, debug tools for encoder and decoder, and more. When targeting next-generation video-compliant products: HD video wireless display, mobile broadcast, mobile device playback, or web streaming solutions and applications, by utilizing the Intel Video Pro Analyzer to develop, research, or enhance HEVC or VP9 video codecs, video pros can save time and costs.

Support is available for Microsoft* Windows*, Linux*, and OS X* systems.

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Supports Next-Gen Codecs and Standards

Intel Video Pro Analyzer is a graphical coded video bitstream analysis tool, supporting major next-generation coding standards:

  • HEVC: (ISO/IEC 23008-2 MPEG-H Part 2 or ITU-T H.265): 8-14 bit 4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4
  • Google’s VP9 all profiles: 8-12 bit 4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4
  • MPEG2 (ISO/IEC 13818 Part 2 or ITU-T H.262): 8 bit 4:2:0/4:2:2
  • AVC: (H.264/AVC, ISO/IEC 14496-10, MPEG-4 Part 10), up to High profile 8 bit 4:2:0
  • MP4, MKV, MP2TS containers

Once a bitstream is loaded, the tool allows the user to inspect each major step of the decode process visually and numerically, and the structure of the coded image can be explored. This data can be used as a visual reference when learning about HEVC/VP9 or when debugging a particular encoder or decoder. Intel Video Pro Analyzer is written in C++.

What’s New

  • Innovate ahead of the industry: Examine video authored with the next generation color gamut supporting Ultra HD content, for a truly superior viewing experience. Intel VPA includes High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video/BT2020 (10-bit), which covers more than 75% of all visible colors.
  • Faster HEVC streams parsing
  • Multiple GUI enhancements
  • Get More Details at R6 Release: What's New for Intel® Video Pro Analyzer

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