Intel® WiDi Dual Screen Enabling

Enabling dual screen applications for Windows* and Android*

Code Samples

Dual Video Android* Apps Using Intel® WiDi Technology Whitepaper

This is an Android application that demonstrates how to play video on an external display over an Intel® WiDi connection. By setting up the audio manager correctly and using a service to manage the presentation class, the video on the Intel® WiDi display can continue to play uninterrupted while playing a separate video on the primary display or switching to another application. Any separate application or video on the local display are also able to use their own audio stream on the phone’s speakers without interrupting the audio accompanying the video on the Intel® WiDi display.

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Windows* Dual Screen Intel® WiDi Application

This paper explains how to write a Microsoft* WPF application that displays on a dual screen configuration. Sample application code is available for download.

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