Intel® WiDi Dual Screen Enabling

Enabling dual screen applications for Windows* and Android*

Dual Screen Windows* Store Apps

Intel® WiDi Media Share Dual Screen Application (ver 1.2)

This is a great example of user experience supporting Intel® WiDi and WEL under Windows 7/8 and the charms “Project” menu under Windows 8.1.

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What's New

Works with the Intel® WiDi app under Windows 7/8 and with the Windows 8.1 charms "Project" menu. Flick animations and audio play while flicking photos is now faster.

Dual Screen Presentations at IDF

This Dual Screen App presentation from Steve Barile was delivered at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Shenzhen 2014. This includes Windows 7/8 and Windows 8.1 user experience, some cool dual screen app ideas, and more.

Android* Presentation API (Xavier Hallade):

Xavier Hallade delivered a great presentation at IDF on developing dual screen apps for Android*. Please find the APK and source below.

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