Intel® WiDi Dual Screen Enabling

Enabling dual screen applications for Windows* and Android*


How to Enable Intel® Wireless Display Differentiation for Miracast* on Intel® Architecture-Based Android* Phone

Wireless display technology is becoming more and more popular on Android* phones and tablets since Google* started supporting Miracast on Android 4.2. This article introduces how to enable dual display differentiation for Miracast by showing a case study of enabling iQiyi* online video player and WPS Office* on K900*.

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Windows* Dual Screen Intel® WiDi Application

This paper explains how to write a Microsoft* WPF application that displays on a dual screen configuration. Sample application code is available for download.

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Microsoft Apps

A Different Kind of Dual Screen Experience - Control & Consume

A Windows* programmer's first-hand experience with Intel® WiDi as an end user — detailing some of the frustration and the joys of current software that utilizes dual screens.

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An Interview with Intel® WiDi Evangelist Steve Barile

Posted 09/23/2013
Intel WiDi is an Intel technology that allows you to share anything on your PC or mobile device wirelessly on your television in high definition, surround sound, and with low latency while supporting interaction with your favorite apps and digital platforms.

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Starting from Scratch: How VirtualDJ* 8 mixes Music and Technology Abstract Atomix Productions video and music mixer, VirtualDJ* 8,  was rewritten from scratch with an emphasis on a flexible user interface. These enhancements include multi-point touch support, use of a second screen for videos, and a transforming interface for different device form factors.;
Intel WiDi - Wireless Display Technologies for Developers By Paul Ferrill and Steve Barile Download PDF Using more than one screen is becoming commonplace for watching videos, playing games, sharing pictures, and even business uses, including Microsoft PowerPoint* presentations. But how users access that second screen varies by device and operating...
Look Boss, No Wires! or Why to care about Wi prefixes Sometimes when technology changes, you can't really see yourself using the new features, especially in a business setting. However, I don't think anyone will have that problem with the move to wire free PCs. (Or why to care about Wi terms: WiDi, WiGig/WiDock, Wireless Charging, )
Multitasking on Android with Miracast extended screen app! I just saw a sample app from Intel developers that lets me run a social networking app on the big screen while I run another app on my Android tablet.   Wow - Multitasking!!!
Taking the Pole Position: Codemasters Leads the Pack in PC-to-Tablet Optimization with GRID Autosport* Download PDF By Geoff Arnold and Leigh Davies Games on mobile devices are undeniably proving both popular and lucrative. And given ever more powerful PCs, as well as the recently refreshed line up of consoles, things have never been better for high-end gamers craving graphics- and story-intensive...
Dual-Screen Social Cast Demo App Using Miracast* on Android* Social Cast is an Android Miracast Dual Screen App Sample written by Intel’s IT Flex Software Engineering team. The code sample is available for download. By combining a Miracast connection to a TV, social media APIs, and utilizing Android’s background task feature, the Social Cast demo app brings...
WiDi Social Cast Demo

The WiDi Social Cast Demo is a proof of concept application to show several novel features. First is the use of Miracast (via the presentation surface API) to project content from your Android mobile device to your TV. Second is the idea of "projecting" social media content to your TV from...

Miracast* on Windows* 8.1 Desktop Download PDF  Code Sample