Intel® XDK

The Intel® XDK mobile app cloud build service is deprecated and was disabled at the end of June 2017.

Learn how to use Apache Cordova CLI or Adobe PhoneGap Build


Build IoT applications quickly and simply!

Intel® XDK is an Integrated Development Environment for creating IoT applications using JavaScript. With it, you can quickly and easily connect and build IoT applications using JavaScript on the IoT device.


Decrease your IoT development times by using Intel® XDK

  • Using Intel® XDK, you can quickly prototype and build IoT solutions on Intel’s Edison, Joule or Gateway products.
  • JavaScript is an easy to use programming language and internet standard. Using it you can quickly program IoT applications that can take advantage of the Internet.
  • Easily connect and communicate to your Intel® device with Intel® XDK’s connection daemon for debugging your application.