Intel® XDK

Intel® XDK

One solution for IoT applications and mobile app dev!

  • All the capabilities you know and love for developing mobile HTML5 apps!
  • Additional software development capabilities for IoT
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Build and deliver HTML5 apps quickly and simply! — or create the next IoT success story!

Recently we have made some big changes. The Intel® XDK has all the capabilities you have come to know and love for developing mobile HTML5 apps (including Apache* Cordova*) for Android*, iOS*, and Windows* 10 UAP. The difference is, we have included software development capabilities for Node.JS-based, on-board, IoT apps.

Check out Joe’s blog for more about this exciting new development!

Building A Better World

Learn how 16-year-old Caroline Wambui of Nairobi, Kenya and her classmates learned how to use the Intel® XDK coding language, and turned their knowledge into an organ donor app—giving patients another chance at life.

HTML5 Game Tools & Services

For anywhere, anytime games

All-in-one development environment to easily simulate, test, tune, and deploy games to many app stores using one code base

  • Game engine support for Construct2*, Cocos2D*, Phaser*, Pixi.js*, and Easel.JS* to easily import assets and code
  • Google Play* Game Services and Apple* Game Center services support to drive engagement, socialize, and reward players
  • W3C* Gamepad API support enables high-impact game interaction using gamepad or joystick devices
  • Apache Cordova* plugins and APIs to monetize and market action-packed multi-OS games

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Decrease your app development times

Create compelling, content-rich apps using common UI frameworks, Apache Cordova (PhoneGap*), and third-party plugins for advertising and in-app purchasing, as well as a host of backend, authentication, and social media services.
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Powerful debugging tools

Decrease your testing and debugging time and get your app to market faster.
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  • Preview your app while editing in a separate browser window or on your device with Live Preview.
  • Use the App Preview app for iOS*, Android*, Windows* 8, and Windows* Phone 8 for full testing on your device.

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  • Simulate your app running on different phone and tablet skins.
  • Quickly switch to debugger to debug your app.

JavaScript Remote Debugging and Profiling

  • Efficiently debug apps remotely on Android* and iOS devices.
  • Profile memory, frames, and events to get the best performance out of your app on Android.

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Easier builds, faster deployment

Building mobile apps for any platform made easy.
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Build cross-platform apps easily for many app stores and web platforms.

  • For Android devices, build with Crosswalk, an open source web-runtime to greatly improve your media and game apps with high-performance WebGL* and WebAudio* support.

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