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Learn how to create exciting apps with the Intel® XDK

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Develop Apps in HTML5

Dale walks us through the features of the tool that makes it easy for developers to create, debug, and deploy apps across multiple operating systems using one code base.

Game Development Overview

In this video you will see the basic steps involved in game development in the Intel® XDK, as well as some of the features that make the Intel® XDK a powerful game creation IDE.

Monetization (In-App Purchasing)

The creation of App IDs and Application profile attributes in iOS Developer Portal as well as iTunes Connect are covered.

How to Conduct User Testing

User testing is one of the best ways to determine how users are utilizing the features that you are providing them.

Making Your First App

This short video gives first time Intel XDK users an easy to follow overview showing how to create their first app.


Getting Started Tutorial

This 15- to 20-minute tutorial helps you get started with the Intel® XDK by walking you through a typical end-to-end workflow.

Web Services Overview

The Develop tab lets you explore a collection of third-party web service APIs, you can also integrate other existing web services.

Understanding Intel XDK Cordova* Build Files

This document describes many of the directives you will see in the automatically generated Intel® XDK build config files in the root of your project directory.


My Private Notes: App Security API sample

This application is a simple notes application, it enables you to create private and secure text or image note items.

Using HTML5 and Intel® XDK in Hackathons

The large number of reference applications and frameworks with non-restrictive licenses make HTML5 a compelling choice for Hackathons.

What is Intel® XDK Early Access?

If you are willing to try the newest features while using pre-release software, consider Intel® XDK Early Access.

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