Developers can now leverage the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, Intel® IoT Gateway Technology, and AWS* IoT to enable secure bi-directional communication between commercial gateways and the AWS Cloud.

Intel® IoT Developer Kit

Build innovative prototypes and take them to production-ready products with this collection of hardware and software options. The developer kit includes:

  • Intel® IoT Gateway Technology
  • Cloud connectors to enable analytics
  • Development boards and starter kits
  • IDEs to support a variety of programming languages
  • Libraries to support I/O and sensor interactions
  • Documentation and code samples

Intel® IoT Gateways

Create innovative commercial solutions using Intel® IoT Gateway Technology and the Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite. The combination of these Intel technologies enables companies to develop scalable solutions that aggregate data from the edge to the cloud.

Prototyping IoT Solutions for the Cloud

Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite

Connecting an Intel® IoT Gateway to Amazon Web Services*
Overview | Video

Connecting an Intel® NUC to Amazon AWS* IoT

Tutorial: Intel® IoT Gateway, Industrial Oil & Gas Pressure Sensor, and AWS* IoT

Intel® Edison Board and Grove* Indoor Environment Kit, Powered by AWS

Verified for compatibility, this bundle includes the Intel® Edison board and Grove sensors, and connects to AWS IoT. AWS IoT is a cloud service that enables secure bi-directional communication between Internet-connected things and AWS.

IoT AWS Edison Board
IoT AWS Logo

Connect to AWS IoT

Transform, augment, or route messages to the cloud with secure mutual authentication.

AWS IoT Device SDK

IoT Devices are any clients that will use AWS IoT to connect to the AWS Cloud. The AWS IoT Device SDK provides localized functionality to configure services. The SDKs are provided to allow for coding of applications on top of AWS IoT.