Wind River Helix* Device Cloud is a device management platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) that helps organizations greatly reduce the complexities of building and operating large-scale device deployments.

About Device Cloud

The connectivity services of Device Cloud enable device health monitoring, bi-directional file transfer, and remote access to help service engineers detect and diagnose problems that may impact critical data collection. With Device Cloud, you have the tools you need for deploying, monitoring, servicing, updating, and decommissioning IoT devices.

  • Keep mission-critical IoT devices operational, with immediate notification of issues.
  • Secure two-way connectivity to enable remote diagnostics and remotely repair devices.
  • Upgrade new devices when activated in the field and deliver updates with functionality and security enhancements.
  • Manage device configuration and software inventory to stay on top of all field assets.
  • Integrate with other enterprise systems to ensure stakeholder access to device status.

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Device Cloud Webinar

As part of the IoT Training Commercial Workshop Series of videos, this episode goes in-depth to explore the Device Cloud. Learn how to deploy, monitor, manage, service, update, and decommission IoT devices using enterprise SAS that will scale to thousands of devices. (Video length 59:33)