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Intel® IoT Developer Kit and Google Cloud Platform* Service

Create agile IoT solutions with Intel® products and Google Cloud Platform* service.

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IoT Google Cloud

Training Videos

Explore different machine learning methods in the cloud and at the edge.

Gather environmental data and establish a data pipeline to the Google Cloud Platform service using an Intel® NUC.

Get an overview of how to send sensor data from an Intel® IoT Gateway to the Google Cloud Platform using Python*.

Learn how to set up Google Cloud Platform service using certificates, a pub/sub subscription, and creating a core IoT subscription.

Review the steps for adding the IoT cloud repository to your Intel® IoT Gateway. You can also learn how to use Node-RED* to connect to the Google Cloud Platform.

Learn to gather, analyze, and visualize data using tools from Intel and Google.

Learn about text-to-speech and speech analysis using machine learning APIs from Google. Leverage the power of cutting-edge neural networks for your projects quickly and easily. It includes a demo and code of an example project.

Code Samples

Data generated by these code samples use a back-end database deployed with Amazon ElastiCache* using Redis*. Programming languages include Java*, JavaScript*, Python*, and C++.

Intel® IoT Developer Kit

Build innovative prototypes and take them to production-ready products with this collection of hardware and software options. The developer kit includes:

  • Intel® IoT Gateway Technology
  • Cloud connectors to enable analytics
  • Development boards and starter kits
  • IDEs to support a variety of programming languages
  • Libraries to support I/O and sensor interactions
  • UPM sensor library


Google Cloud IoT

Cloud IoT Core is a fully managed service that allows you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from millions of globally dispersed devices. In combination with other services on Google Cloud IoT platform, Cloud IoT Core provides a complete solution for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing IoT data in real time to support improved operational efficiency.

Google Cloud Platform Service SDK

This set of tools contains gcloud, gsutil, and bq, which you can use to access products and services from the command line, such as the Google Compute Engine* service, Google Cloud Storage* service, and Google BigQuery. Run these tools interactively or in your automated scripts.

Additional Services

Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud Pub/Sub

This fully managed, real-time messaging service allows you to send and receive messages between independent applications.

Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Dataflow

Use this unified programming model and managed service for developing and executing a wide range of data processing patterns.

Cloud Big Table

Cloud BigTable Data Storage System

This NoSQL big data database service from Google is the same database that powers many core Google services, including search, analytics, maps, and Gmail*.

Big Query


BigQuery from Google is a fully managed, petabyte scale, low-cost enterprise data warehouse for analytics.

Cloud Machine Learning

Cloud Machine Learning

Build machine learning models that work on any size or type of data with this managed service.