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Code Samples

Data generated by these code samples use a back-end database that is deployed with IBM Bluemix*, Node.js*, and a Redis datastore. Programming languages include Java*, JavaScript*, Python*, and C++.

Intel® IoT Developer Kit

Build innovative prototypes and turn them into release-ready products with this collection of hardware and software options. The developer kit includes:

  • Intel® IoT Gateway Technology
  • Cloud connectors to enable analytics
  • Development boards and starter kits
  • IDEs for a variety of programming languages
  • Libraries to support I/O and sensor interactions
  • UPM sensor library

IBM Watson IoT* Platform and Developing on Intel IoT Gateway Technologies

By bringing together the Internet of Things (IoT) with IBM Watson cognitive computing technologies, IBM is infusing a new kind of thinking into objects, systems, and processes. The IBM Watson IoT platform is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service that makes it simple to build and deploy apps for IoT devices, sensors, and gateways. It provides solutions for device registration, connectivity, control, rapid visualization, and storage of data derived from the IoT. Use the IBM Watson IoT platform to rapidly build IoT apps from the catalog of services available in IBM Bluemix*.

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