Intel and Microsoft are collaborating to provide professional developers with a complete set of development tools for IoT—from the edge to the cloud. Open the door to innovation with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and Microsoft Azure* IoT Cloud Services, and get a better out-of-the-box experience, leverage ease of use, and rapidly move from prototype to product.

Intel® IoT Developer Kit

Build innovative prototypes and take them to release-ready products with this collection of hardware and software options including:

  • Development boards and starter kits
  • IDEs for a variety of programming languages
  • Libraries to support I/O and sensor interactions
  • Intel® IoT Gateway Technology
  • Cloud connectors to enable analytics
  • Documentation and code samples

Intel® IoT Gateway Technology

Create innovative commercial solutions using Intel® IoT Gateway Technology and the Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite. The combination of these Intel technologies enables companies to develop scalable solutions that aggregate data from the edge to the cloud.

Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite

Connecting an Intel® IoT Gateway to Microsoft Azure*
Overview | Video Tutorial

Intel® IoT Gateway and Microsoft Azure* Hands-On Lab

Connecting the Intel® NUC to the Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub

Path-to-Product: Intelligent Vending Machine Using Microsoft Azure*
Overview | Tutorial | GitHub*

Download the Microsoft Azure* Cloud Package

Intel® IoT Gateway


Microsoft Azure* IoT Edge

Write applications that enable gateway-connected devices to communicate with Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub. Such applications use a collection of modules to aggregate and transform data, process commands, or perform many related tasks. Modules communicate with one another via a message broker. Developers can choose from available modules or write their own to create gateways tailored to any scenario.

Getting Started with the IoT Gateway Starter Kit

IoT Commercial Workshop Labs

More About the Azure* IoT Edge from Microsoft

Azure* IoT Edge on GitHub*

Microsoft Azure* for IoT

Connect your Intel® IoT Technology platforms to powerful cloud services faster than ever before. View, manage, and deliver near real-time data to your customers with Microsoft Azure* services, including stream analytics, machine learning, notification hubs. Explore and expand your understanding with Microsoft Azure* developer resources.

Microsoft Azure*Microsoft Azure* IoT Suite

Connect your device, as well as capture and analyze untapped data. With preconfigured solutions designed to address common IoT scenarios, you can quickly and confidently get your project started, tailor it to meet your project needs, and then scale the project for IoT as needed.

Microsoft Azure*Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub

This fully managed service enables reliable and secure bi-directional communications between millions of IoT devices and an application back end. Microsoft Azure IoT Hub offers reliable device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device hyper-scale messaging, enables secure communications using per-device security credentials and access control, and includes device libraries for the most popular languages and platforms.

Hackster Live

Intel and Microsoft are sponsors of Hackster Live, a website that helps educate maker and developer communities all over the world.

Microsoft Channel 9

This Microsoft community hosts videos, discussions, podcasts, screen casts, and interviews on a variety of topics, including Microsoft Azure.