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Create a smart doorbell that buzzes and displays a message when the Grove* Touch Sensor is pressed. You can also choose to store data using the examples datastore running in your own Microsoft Azure* account.

JavaScript*   C++   Java*

Earthquake Detector

Create an earthquake detector that scans the three-axis digital accelerometer for indications of earthquake movement. Using the USGS* API, it attempts to verify that an earthquake actually occurred.

JavaScript   C++   Java

Equipment Activity Monitor

Track equipment usage with this project that monitors sound and vibration sensors. It provides visual notification whenever the equipment is in use and logs data in the cloud.

JavaScript   C++   Java

Home Fall Tracker

Build a bracelet that monitors and tracks possible falls using the accelerometer, sends an alert, and displays feedback on the OLED display.

JavaScript   C++   Java

Robotic Arm

Control a robotic arm using a thumb joystick where each axis of the joystick corresponds to a controllable motor. Additionally, the motors can be controlled individually via a web page from the Intel® Edison development platform.

JavaScript   C++   Java

Smart Stove Top

Set a target temperature, monitor the stove, and get notified when the temperature is reached. Also, store historical temperature data using cloud-based data storage.

JavaScript   C++   Java