Reference Implementations & Code Samples

Quickly integrate and build IoT projects by implementing our ready-to-use open source code available on GitHub*.


UPM Sensor Library

UPM offers drivers for a wide range of over 400 supported sensors, actuators, and connectivity while making it easy to find code samples, sensor specifications, datasheets, and more.

Reference Implementations

Discover new technologies and capabilities through projects built with open-source code samples. Leverage what you learn to create your own IoT projects.

Develop a facial detection and recognition solution using the OpenVINO™ toolkit¹, C++, and MQTT to grant access to designated areas.

¹ Formerly known as the Intel® Computer Vision SDK

Create a smart video application using the OpenVINO™ toolkit. The toolkit uses models and inference to run single-class object detection.

Build an application that alerts you when someone enters a predefined restricted area. Learn how to use models for multiclass object detection.

Monitor three different streams of video that count people inside and outside of a facility. This application also counts product inventory.

Detect various anomalies of an object that is moving on a conveyor belt within a manufacturing facility, and run analysis on what is detected.

Capture video, generate a heat map, record the number of people present, and then integrate the results. The program can also create an output video and save snapshots.

Predict performance issues with manufacturing equipment motors. Perform local or cloud analytics of the issues found, and then display the data on a user interface to determine when failures might arise.

Monitor the inventory, product sales, and maintenance of a vending machine. Use the Microsoft Azure* platform to provide cloud analytics and a communications hub for various parts of the solution.

Track the status of a home’s front door and garage door for increased security. The IBM Bluemix* platform provides a data store, cloud analytics, and a communications hub for parts of the project.

Environmental sensors monitor and track the air quality of a smart building. Sensor data is then transferred to the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS)*.

Track the temperature within a truck’s refrigerated cargo area, as well as the open or closed status of the cargo doors.

Code Samples

The following code samples illustrate practical applications of computer vision using OpenCV technology. Some are written in Python* and some in C++.


Motion Heatmap

This sample application tracks movement patterns over time.

Analog Gauge Reader

This project overlays a digital readout on an image of an analog gauge and displays real-time readings.

Video Analytics

This is a set of code samples that use computer vision to create analytic solutions.

People Counter

Creates a running count of the number of people in a space, such as a retail store.

Generic Code Samples

Access code samples written in C++, Java*, JavaScript*, and Python. The samples leverage the UPM/MRAA sensor library, Amazon Web Services (AWS)*, Microsoft Azure*, IBM Watson IoT* Platform, and the Google Cloud Platform* service.